We help established businesses find or develop their Unique Selling Proposition, create clear, strong memorable messages and delight existing customers to truly stand out from the crowd.

Your Business Personality

Differentiation is an important strategic and tactical activity. In order to be remembered in a crowded marketplace, it helps if your business has a trait that’s worth remembering. While a great price, fantastic quality and outstanding service are the foundation for any growing a company there are other more powerful differentiators.   

Our Barn Find approach, focuses on working with you to help find your true unique selling points (USP) which are key to being successful. We'll help you develop clarity in your messages and your customers understand what distinguishes you and makes you better than the many competitors in the market.

We'll work with you to pull out the key differentiators that really work. We won't make you the best at everything. When you attempt to be known for everything, you don’t become known for anything. A unique selling proposition is what your business stands for. Businesses with a unique selling proposition stand for something specific, and it becomes what you’re known for.

Your branding and marketing will become stronger because you have a clear vision of the message you want to deliver. In addition, your USP will help you identify a clear direction for your business and helps develop your business personality. This ultimately helps your customers remember your reputation and brand.



Your heritage is a powerful storytelling device.
We help businesses leverage their heritage
to build deeper connections with audiences.


You Can't Beat the Real Patina

There's just something about patina that we love. Walk into garage containing an old British car and you will smell the patina. Never to be confused with new car smell. Patina is the history or heritage of the car; something grown beautifully especially with age or use. Like an old family recipe, it is a connection to the past. 

When developing your brand, never forget about your heritage. It can create nostalgia, a reason to believe, a reason to buy. It can validate a price premium. Your customers look for comfort from the past, your patina is a powerful storytelling device, make sure you leverage it to build a deeper connection to your audience.

Consumers Gravitate Towards Transparency & Authenticity 

In this digital age, consumers now have greater access to information than ever before. There's an increasing distrust of "fake" or too good to be true and consumers naturally gravitate towards transparency, quality and authenticity.

The power of social media brings consumers closer to brands, online reviews drive more consumers towards conversion and the ever increasing use of mobile phones for research means users are now able to make more informed choices.  

The bottom line is that consumers want to trust what they are spending their money on and enjoy the comfort and reassurance that heritage provides.

Transform & Engage

Heritage is just one of the traits that really help customers stand out from the crowd. We'll work with you to identify your key differentiators such as being first, the latest or the most specialist. We'll then propose the best solution to transform your offering and truly engage with your audience.



Companies often strive to be the best, but the first thing they should do is merely be different. When you attempt to be known for everything, you don’t become known for anything.


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