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We'll help you turn into the best possible problem solvers.
If you can solve problems, people will buy your products and services.



Developing a new website should be a simple process; much of it is IF you spend time in the research, preparation and planning. A website is a service rather than a product which can be picked off the shelf. You can only define a price for a website once you understand your business objectives and goals as this defines the level of service you’ll need. Our Barn Fresh approach follows a simple proven process to answer these questions, minimise risk and ensure the best possible outcome for your business.   

Our Barn Fresh approach starts with defining 3 key areas:

  • Business objectives & Goals
  • Budget & Price Range
  • Success Criteria

Business Objectives & Goals

When difficult decisions or clarity is needed, business objectives can be referred to for guidance. Business goals promote planning, can be motivational and increase performance.

If you're not exactly sure what they are or need some help, we'll work with you to define them.

No talk of colours, fonts, website features or layout just yet. It's all about the outcome.

Budget & Price Range

We can develop solutions for all budgets.

Setting this criteria upfront means all parties are aware how much effort can be applied in terms of design content or functionality.

Options can then be presented to match available budgets aligning with your business objectives so you can see value for money.

Success Criteria

A great looking website is an expected outcome but in reality it's not a measurement of the website's success.

We'll work with you to define realistic measurements of success. This means, that it's clear to everyone that your website or campaign is successful and that your investment was worth it! 



To have the best possible chance or success, you should be fully aware of your prospects current difficulties and struggles and the impact they have. Only then can you truly understand if your products and services can solve one or more of those problems.

Many businesses fail because they are trying to solve problems that don't really exist or there is not enough need. Additionally, some will fail because of the user experience, weak calls to action or only part of the problem has been addressed. 

We work with you to become the best possible problem solvers. If you can solve problems, people will buy your products or services. We are an extension of your business working with the same passion you have. Expect no less.




Before we can transform, we must first understand the reality of the current situation. Only then can we truly Engage. It may surprise you just how many touch points you have with your customers. From the initial contact, through the sales process, and then on into the service or product experience itself. Perhaps also after sales contact and ongoing marketing efforts.

Understanding these touch points is important. How does the client feel at each stage? What questions do they have or tasks do they have to complete? But most of all how could you make it better?

Our Barn Fresh approach helps you develop your strategy, with stakeholder interviews, user sessions, data, workflow and digital asset review. With this insight, we can establish the best possible way forward. We combine your knowledge with our own research & experience as part of the discovery phase to fully understand your users and how best to engage them. Your competitors will likely have also taken this journey so it would futile not to include an element of competitor analysis.

Engaging users in the digital world just doesn't happen. It's not just about developing a website. We'll help you leverage the benefits of digital, connect up all those digital dots and provide a roadmap or digital strategy that will ensure your organisation is more customer centric.



"No matter what people tell you, words & ideas can change the world."

Inspired by Robin Williams
1951 - 2014


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