How to choose your Digital Agency

Every Agency wants to be different. But as we strive to achieve this, we all tend to act in a similar way. Is this such a bad thing?

When choosing an agency for your next project, what should you look for? There are many agency cliches but what's important? Award winning, down to earth, straight talking, hard working, bearded, table football, beanbags, aluminium hardware, Post-It notes...

If you want something done right, do it yourself - right? Well in some cases yes but at some point companies reach the point where they cannot do everything themselves in-house and the best option is to hire a Digital Marketing Agency.

Do you look at who's got the best website and go with them? Or does that mean they are spending too much time working on their own site and not their customers?

Do you look at who has the best approach or WIZZBANG™ methodology?

It's a tough decision. There are many quality agencies out there who will do a great job for you and many work in a similar way, adopt best practice and create stunning working that truly delivers.  

Our best advice, depends on your business objectives. If you know exactly what you want such as SEO services or an e-commerce solution then a company who specialises in just those areas would definitely be a good call. 

It's really important however that you develop a strong connection with your agency as they will become an extension of your business wether you like it or not. You'll need to give up information that will help them help you. They will become an extension of your company, working for you, almost like one of your employees and should reflect the same passion you have about your business.

That's how we like to work. We can't work any other way. You don't get to be trusted by some of the biggest brands in the UK without relentless passion and enthusiasm for client brands.

Remember that quality and results takes time. If you try and save a penny, you may lose pounds in the long run and your ROI will make your lower cost solution less effective. You really do get what you pay for. Understand what your budget is upfront and what return you expect for your investment.

By hiring a Digital Marketing Agency, you will get people with better expertise and more experience and get you were you need to be, much faster. If you need a website to tick a box, we are probably not the right company for you. If you need a agency partner who will work hard for you as an extension of your business then we would love to hear from you.