Investing more in Copywriting

You invest in some great web design and branding. You have the latest slick WIZZBANG™ functionality. How much time and effort have you spent on the copywriting?

Content is king. So why is it so hard to justify investment? Copywriting is an area that often gets overlooked when budgeting for a website. Hands up if you have just thrown some copy together to get the job done quickly? Copied and pasted from the previous website!?

Many websites talk about how good the company is and what features they have in their latest products and services but what about the benefits to the consumer? Consumers rarely buy products & services based on features. They buy them on benefits. If you can solve problems, people will be more likely to buy your products and services. 

Copywriting needs careful attention and don't fall into the trap of being overly witty or attention grabbing at the expensive of clarity and usability. Keep it simple and know when to stop. Nobody wants to spend their life on your website reading endless pages of content. 

Make sure you answer questions. People will likely arrive on your website with lots of them. Yes the marketing department has lots to say but don't let that get in the way of storytelling for your user to quickly get them where they need to be. Try not to hide any information you don't want people to know, it only irritates and if they can't find what they need to know, they may go elsewhere.

Invest time in improving your copywriting skills. If you have 7 minutes spare, you can learn 7 ways a great copywriter crafts compelling web copy. Don't have time? Maybe it is time to hire someone that knows that they are doing :)