B2B Content Marketing Statistics 2016

Content Marketing, you know what it is right? Well don't worry if you don't. Just like many other buzzwords it's easy to forget.   

If you don't know what it is or can't remember exactly then here's a super shortened quick summary: 

It's a marketing technique of creating and distributing content to attract an audience.

So rather that a direct advertisement, it might be content that people will want to naturally consume rather than avoid. It may therefore be valuable content to the consumer.

Content marketing is great for raising awareness of solutions and educating consumers about a product or service they may have never considered before. It can come in many forms such as web pages, campaign micro sites, blogs, videos, infographics, ebooks, newsletters, Case Studies etc.

In B2B environment the most common tactics used are:

93% Social Media Content
82% Case Studies
81% Blogs
81% eNewsletters
81% In-Person Events
79% Articles on Your Website
79% Videos
76% Illustrations / Photos
71% White Papers
67% Infographics
66% Webinars / Webcasts
65% Online Presentations
49% Research Reports
47% Microsites / Separate Website Hubs
42% Brand Content Tools
39% eBooks
36% Print Magazines
30% Books
29% Digital Magazines
28% Mobile Apps
25% Virtual Conferences
23% Podcasts
22% Print Newsletters
12% Games / Gamification

So with Social Media coming up top for B2B, which platforms are preferred?

94% LinkedIn
87% Twitter
84% Facebook
74% YouTube
62% Google+
37% SlideShare
29% Instagram
25% Pinterest
21% Vimeo
10% iTunes
9% Tumblr
7% Vine
6% Medium
6% Periscope
5% SnapChat


Source: TopRank Marketing